About Us

Katie of Dainty Katie Cakes has a very busy kitchen in Maidstone, Kent. All cakes are baked and hand decorated by her and she is always trying out new designs and experimenting with new styles and flavours. Dainty Katie Cakes was established in 2011.

The Dainty Kitchen has a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (out of 5), inspected by Maidstone Borough Council.


What are cake pops?

Cake on a stick with sprinkles…. What’s not to like?

They are cake truffles rolled into balls or molded into shapes, put on a stick and covered in chocolate or candy. Cake pops were made popular first in America by Bakerella but the trend has now hit our shores and is fast catching up with the ever popular cupcake as the cakey treat to have at birthdays, as wedding favours, at baby showers, as an afternoon treat with a nice cuppa or to pass around the office. Buy them for yourself or send as a gift. There are so many occasions when they could be just perfect.

The cake on the inside is available in different flavours, the candy coating is available in different colours and as you will see in our gallery there are many designs to choose from. We don’t have what you are looking for? Then let us know what you would like and we will give it a try.

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The possibilities are endless…